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Collections : Chicago Society of Etchers Presentation Prints
Complete Set of Chicago Society of Etchers Presentation Prints (please click here to read full essay)
Price: $35,000.00
Comprising 45 original prints in etching, drypoint, aquatint and mezz tint. Included are 44 individually matted prints, together with three bound books, one of which contains print no. 1 by Ernest D. Roth. Some, but not all of the original cover sheet texts are included. The set is housed in a deluxe heavy duty linen-covered box with gold stamped leather title plaque. To our knowledge, this is the only such complete set of these prints available.
1. Ernest D. Roth A Rainy Day
Ernest D. Roth (American 1879-1964)
A Rainy Day
Etching and drypoint, 1908
2. Charles K.Gleeson- An Old Piece of Masonry
Charless K. Gleeson (American 1878-1948)
An Old Piece of Masonry
Etching, 1913
3. Roi Partridge L'Ile de la Cite
Roi Partridge (American 1888-1984)
L'Ile de la Cite
Etching, 1913
4. Allen Lewis The Dead Oak
Allen Lewis (American 1873-1957)
The Dead Oak
Etching, 1914
5. Franklin T. Wood -The Dry Brook
Franklin T. Wood (American 1887-1945)
The Dry Brook
Etching, 1914
6. William Auerbach Levy Torah - The New Talmud
William Auerbach Levy (American 1889-1964)
Torah - The New Talmud
Etching, 1915
7. Ernest D. Roth Our Neighbor's Yard, Cliffside, New Jersey
Ernest D. Roth (American 1879-1964)
Our Neighbor's Yard
Cliffside, New Jersey
8. Jan C. Vondrous The Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague
Jan C. Vondrous (American, b. 1884)
The Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague
Etching & drypoint, 1916
9.John W. Winkler Kong Tong & Co.
John W. Winkler (American, 1894-1979)
Kong Tong & Co.
Etching, 1916
10. Frank W. Benson Flying Ducks
Frank W. Benson (American 1862-1951)
Flying Ducks
Etching & drypoint, 1919
11. Lester G. Hornby Palais du Justice in the Rain
Lester G. Hornby (American 1882-1956)
Palais du Justice in the Rain
Etching, 1920
12. Dirk Baksteen Les Trois Moulins
Dirk Baksteen (Dutch, b. 1886)
Les Trois Moulins
Etching, 1923
13. Troy Kinney - Dawn
Troy Kinney (American, 1871-1938)
Drypoint, 1923
14. Arthur William Heintzelman A Donkey Cart in Montmarte
Arthur William Heintzelman (American 1890-1965)
A Donkey Cart in Montmarte
Etching, 1923
15. Martin Hardie Sunset at Heybridge Basin
Martin Hardie (British 1875-1952)
Sunset at Heybridge Basin
Drypoint, 1924
16. Sears Gallagher - Heavy Surf at Monhegan
Sears Gallagher (American 1869-1955)
Heavy Surf at Monhegan
Drypoint, 1925
17. Louis C. Rosenberg - Rue de Chartres, St. Malo
Louis C. Rosenberg (American, 1890-1983)
Rue de Chartres, St. Malo
Drypoint, 1926
18. Otto Schneider - St. Gaudens Lincoln
Otto Schneider (American 1875- 1946)
St. Gaudens Lincoln
Etching, 1927
19. John Taylor Arms - Saint Germaine L'Auxerrois, Paris
John Taylor Arms (American 1887-1953)
Saint Germaine L'Auxerrois, Paris
Etching, 1928
20. Alonzo C. Webb - Gothic Lace
Alonzo C. Webb (American 1888-1975)
Gothic Lace
Etching 1929
21. Geoffrey H. Wedgewood - Pincian Gardens, Rome
Geoffrey H. Wedgewood (British, 1900-1977)
Pincian Gardens, Rome
Drypoint, 1930
22. Kerr Eby - Digging Clams
Kerr Eby (American, 1889-1946)
Digging Clams
Etching, 1931
23. Martin Lewis - Night in New York
Martin Lewis (American, 1883-1962)
Night in New York
Etching, 1932
24. Gerald K. Geerlings - Electrical Building at Night
Gerald K. Geerlings (American 1897-1998)
Electrical Building at Night
Etching & drypoint, 1933
25. Gustaf Dalstrom - An Abandoned Farm
Gustaf Dalstrom (American 1893-1971)
An Abandoned Farm
Etching, 1934
26 Ralph Fletcher Seymour - A Paris Wine Shop
Ralph Fletcher Seymour (American 1876-1966)
A Paris Wine Shop
Etching, 1935
27. Gordon Grant - Banks Fisherman
Gordon Grant (American 1875-1962)
Banks Fisherman
Soft-ground & aquatint, 1936
28. Mildred Bryant Brooks - Companions
Mildred Bryant Brooks (American 1901-1995)
Etching, 1937
29. Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge - Pagan Princess, Nigeria
Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge (American 1889-1934)
Pagan Princess, Nigeria
Drypoint, 1938
30. Bertha Jacques - Jimson Weed
Bertha Jacques (American 1863-1941)
Jimson Weed
Drypoint, 1936
31. James Swann - Night in Chicago
James Swann (American 1905-1985)
Night in Chicago
Drypoint, 1940
32. Allesandro Mastro Valerio - Morning Paper
Allesandro Mastro-Valerio (American 1889-1953)
Morning Paper
Mezzotint, 1941
33. Stanley Anderson - Sheep Shearing
Stanley Anderson (British 1884-1966)
Sheep Shearing
Engraving, 1941
34. Chauncey F. Ryder- Road to Bristol
Chauncey F. Ryder (American 1868-1949)
Road to Bristol
Drypoint, 1943
35. Arthur W. Hall -Bird Creek in Thaw
Arthur W. Hall (American 1889-1981)
Bird Creek in Thaw
Etching, 1944
36. Reinhold H. Palenske - Over the Pass
Reinhold H. Palenske (American, 1884-1954)
Over the pass
Drypoint, 1945
37. Samuel Chamberlain - The Harbor Side
Samuel Chamberlain (American 1895-1975)
The Harbor Side
Friendship Maine
38. Carl M. Schultheiss - Pastoral II
Carl M. Schultheiss (American 1885-1962)
Pastoral II
Engraving, 1947
Edition of 200
39. Ronau W. Woiceske - Winter Interlude
Ronau W. Woiceske (American 1887-1953)
Winter Interlude
Drypoint & Aquatint, 1945
40. Kenneth Holmes - Behind the Capitol, Rome
Kenneth Holmes (British, b. 1902)
Behind the Capitol, Rome
Drypoint, 1950
41. Lee Sturges - Rocky Mountain Lake
Lee Sturges (American 1865-1955)
Rocky Mountain Lake
Etching, 1951
42. Ernest D. Roth - Florentine Shops
Ernest D. Roth (American 1879-1964)
Florentine Shops
43. F. Leslie Thompson - Yellow Throated Warbler
F. Leslie Thompson (American 1889-1986)
Yellow Throated Warbler
Color etching and aquatint, 1954
44. Maurice R. Bebb - Along the Chenango River, New York
Maurice R. Bebb (American 1891-1965)
Along the Chenango River, New York
Color aquatint, 1955
45. Leon R. Pescheret - Chicago Water Tower
Leon R. Pescheret (American, 1892-1961)
Chicago Water Tower
Color soft ground etching, 1956