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Collections : ASIAN
Kanemitsu, Matsumi - Pacific Series 45
Price: $1,250.00
Matsumi Kanemitsu (American 1922-1992)
Pacific Series #45
Oil on canvas, 1981
10 x 12 inches
Yamazaki, Osamu - Untitled
Price: $2,250.00
Osamu Yamazaki (Japanese, b. 1941)
Oil on canvas, 1982
Toshimitsu, Imai - Untitled
Price: $1,750.00
Imai Toshimitsu (Japanese 1928-2002)
Serigraph, 1986
Urishibara, Yoshijuro - Dutch Packet Boats
Price: $400.00
Yoshijuro Urushibara (Japanese 1888-1953)
Dutch Packet Boats
Color woodcut, after Frank Brangwyn